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Draw images into a canvas square grid for fast retrieval at a thumbnail size.

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npm install canvas-thumbnail-cache


import CanvasThumbnailCache from "canvas-thumbnail-cache";
import createCanvasContext from "canvas-context";
import AsyncPreloader from "async-preloader";

const { canvas, context } = createCanvasContext("2d");

const COUNT = 50;

const thumbnailsCache = new CanvasThumbnailCache({
  slotSize: 128,

(async () => {
  const items = Array.from({ length: COUNT }, (_, index) => {
    return {
      id: index,
      src: `${index}`,
      loader: "Image",
  }); (item) => {
    const image = await AsyncPreloader.loadItem(item);

    thumbnailsCache.add(, image);





Slot : Object
Options : Object


Kind: global class

new CanvasThumbnailCache([options])

Creates an instance of CanvasThumbnailCache.

Param Type Default
[options] Options {}


Reset and clear the canvas size and empty the thumbnails cache.

Kind: instance method of CanvasThumbnailCache

canvasThumbnailCache.add(key, source) ⇒ Slot

Add an image (or anything that can be draw into a 2D canvas) to the cache and return its slot.

Kind: instance method of CanvasThumbnailCache

Param Type Description
key string Slots map key
source CanvasImageSource HTMLImageElement, SVGImageElement, HTMLVideoElement, HTMLCanvasElement, ImageBitmap, OffscreenCanvas

canvasThumbnailCache.get(key) ⇒ Slot

Get a slot

The slot can also be retrieved with get and the key passed when calling thumbnailsCache.add(key, source).

Kind: instance method of CanvasThumbnailCache

Param Type
key string


Remove the specified image from the cache and clear its slot.

Kind: instance method of CanvasThumbnailCache

Param Type
key string

Slot : Object

Kind: global typedef Properties

Name Type Description
x number Horizontal position in the grid.
y number Vertical position in the grid.

Options : Object

Kind: global typedef Properties

Name Type Default Description
[context] CanvasRenderingContext2D createCanvasContext("2d", { offscreen: true }).context Canvas to render thumbnails too. Will try to get an offscreen canvas by default.
[size] number 2 Size of the canvas at start: a square with sides of length slotSize * size.
[slotSize] number 64 Size of the thumbnails. Will be drawn from center of the grid slot.


MIT. See license file.