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A one trick pony package to tint an image with a canvas 2D context.

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npm install canvas-tint-image


import canvasTintImage from "canvas-tint-image";
import getCanvasContext from "get-canvas-context";
import AsyncPreloader from "async-preloader";

const context = getCanvasContext("2d", {
  width: 100,
  height: 100,

(async () => {
  const image = await AsyncPreloader.loadImage({ src: "image.jpg" });
  context.drawImage(tintImage(image, "#f00", 0.5), 0, 0);


canvasTintImage(image, color, [opacity]) ⇒ HTMLCanvasElement

Tint an image with a canvas 2D context.

Kind: global function

Param Type Default Description
image CanvasImageSource The image to tint
color string | CanvasGradient | CanvasPattern A CSS value
[opacity] number 0.5 Opacity of the tint between 0 and 1


MIT. See license file.